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Les Rallizes Dénudés(裸のラリーズ)『’67-’69 STUDIO et LIVE』CDをご購入いただきましたお客様へ

この度はLes Rallizes Dénudés(裸のラリーズ)『’67-’69 STUDIO et LIVE』CDをご購入いただき、誠にありがとうございます。

2022年10月12日に発売いたしましたLes Rallizes Dénudés(裸のラリーズ)『 ’67-’69 STUDIO et LIVE』CDにおいて、製造上のミスにより、3曲目「眩暈 otherwise My Conviction」と、4曲目「Les Bulles de Savon」にデジタルノイズが発生している盤が一部出荷されていることが判明いたしました。








・アーティスト:Les Rallizes Dénudés(裸のラリーズ)

・タイトル:’67-’69 STUDIO et LIVE

・レーベル:The Last One Musique / Tuff Beats


・品番: UBCA-1073



3. 眩暈 otherwise My Conviction 2:32

4. Les Bulles de Savon 2:39







〒153-0053 東京都目黒区五本木2-11-3


「裸のラリーズ / ’67-’69 STUDIO et LIVE」CD交換窓口 係


なお、当該商品の販売店様、ネット通販サイトでご購入いただきましても、弊社での交換対応となります。 各販売店様の店頭およびネット通販サイトでは受付および交換できません。




「裸のラリーズ / ’67-’69 STUDIO et LIVE」CD交換窓口 係

Tel: 03-6412-8977 

To all our customers who purchased Les Rallizes Dénudés / ‘67-‘69 STUDIO et LIVE (CD)

We thank you very much for your purchase of Les Rallizes Dénudés / '67-'69 STUDIO et LIVE (CD).

Unfortunately it has come to our attention that due to a regrettable manufacturing error, a portion of CDs with digital noise affected audio for track 3 “Vertigo or My Conviction” and track 4 “Soap Bubbles” have gone out in the shipment.

We are very sorry for this error and apologize deeply for the trouble. We would like to ask all customers who have received the defective discs and would like them replaced, to mail us the affected disc, along with your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, clearly written on a piece of paper and sent together with the disc. Please do not send anything other than the disc itself, and an accompanying paper with your name, address and telephone number.

To all customers who mail in the affected discs, we will send back the correct audio disc as well as reimbursement of your postage fees in the form of postage stamps in the equivalent amount, from October 28 and after.

The correct discs will be sent out as soon as possible as the returned discs are received. Please be careful not to send an unaffected disc by accident. The details regarding how to identify the discs affected by digital noise will be given below.

Please note that the three LP titles due for release on December 7, 2022, are not affected. Please understand, however, as to the nature of analog records, some audio noise may be present depending on the music and playback conditions.

Product details:

Release date: 12th Oct. 2022

Artist: Les Rallizes Dénudés

Title: ’67-'69 STUDIO et LIVE (CD)

Label: The Last One Musique / Tuff Beats

Format: CD

Catalog number: UBCA-1073

Barcode: 4580187180796

Tracks affected by noise:

Track 3 “Vertigo or My Conviction” 2:32

Track 4 “Soap Bubbles” 2:39

How to tell whether it is a defective disc or a good disc:

The defective discs have the number UBCA-1073 on the inner backside of the disc.

The good discs have the number UBCA-1073-3 on the inner backside of the disc.

Mail-in address for returns:

Please mail exchanges to:

Les Rallizes Dénudés / '67-'69 STUDIO et LIVE (CD) - EXCHANGES

Tuff Beats Co., Ltd.

2-11-3 Gohongi

Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0053 Japan

Again, we give our deepest apologies for the inconvenience and trouble caused to our customers by this error.

All defective discs with the above noted number will be accepted for return and exchange, including those purchased at any retail store or online site. Please be aware that the retail stores or online sites themselves will not be able to accept defective discs for exchange.

For all inquiries please contact:

Tuff Beats Co., Ltd.

Les Rallizes Dénudés / '67-'69 STUDIO et LIVE (CD) - EXCHANGES

Tel: +81(3) 6412-8977




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